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Social Styles are behaviors which once understood, can improve the ability to relate to other people for mutual benefit.  They are not about manipulating but facilitating by understanding, respecting and responding to other people’s preferred way of interacting.

This workshop was created to share this knowledge with potential hiring managers and ensure successful hires, improve performance, engage employees and create productive working relationships.

  • What are the Social Styles?

  • Social Styles -- Self Assessment

  • Responsiveness vs. Assertiveness

  • Keys to Assessing other people’s Social Style

  • Determining a complimentary Social Style for the team          

  • Flexing to accommodate a difficult hire

  • Setting accurate goals and expectations

Cristina Gomez (training at Stanford Hospital)
"Building Balanced Teams"

This is the full series of workshops where our professional team delivers Social Style training to enhance team synergy, reduce turnover, and improve productivity and morale.

Understanding the Social Styles of your Team before your Hire Workshop Calendar

Understanding Social Styles, self evaluation

  • Learning our own social styles. Amiable-Expressive-Analytical-Driver
  • Strengths and weaknesses
  • Three keys to assessing other’s style

Understanding your Social Styles before you hire

  • Team assessment tool
  • Determining the appropriate style to hire
  • Flexing to accommodate a difficult hire

Interviewing Techniques …

  • Quickly assessing the social styles of the interviewee or interviewer
  • Getting prepared to meet with an opposing social style
  • Adapting your own social style to maximize exchange of information


Managing and leading according…

  • How to maximize strengths
  • How to support areas of challenge
  • Team building; institutionalizing respect

Motivating and retaining…

  • Top ten retention strategies
  • Analyzing your team
  • Developing strategies to reach every style

Social Styles under stress

  • The Transformation
  • Predicting the outcome
  • Putting an action plan into place

Flexing to Accommodate Difficult Personalities

  • Diversity is enriching but it requires understanding
  • Can’t change your own style but you can adapt your behavior
  • Assertiveness versus Responsiveness

These workshops are conducted in half day segments on-site or at our conference facility.  All workshops include a self evaluation tool and an assessment profile. Request a fee schedule.

Calendar of Upcoming Social Styles Training Workshops:

 Thursday, September 4th, 2008 - 5:30pm to 6:30pm

Practical Do's and Don'ts of Interviewing, Bridging the Social Styles Gap" Presented by: Cristina Gomez, Managing Partner, Advantage Personnel Inc.


About the Trainer, Cristina Gomez

Cristina Gomez is the Founder and Managing Director of Advantage Personnel Inc. established in 1988.  She contributes her success of 19-years in the staffing industry to her thorough understanding of the Social Styles Module.

 She has trained other staffing services, trade associations, and both profit and non-profit organizations on how to increase retention, build loyalty amongst employees, and develop an engaged and productive staff.

Cristina holds a BA in English from the University of Law in Buenos Aires, Argentina and serves on the Membership Board of Silicon Valley Association of Startups and Entrepreneurs (SVASE).


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